Friday, October 4, 2013

Thompson Hill-Skyline Parkway Overlook

Duluth, MN
Skyline Parkway

The Thompson Hill-Skyline Parkway Overlook was designed and built by the Minnesota Department of Highways circa 1967. It is a scenic overlook on Skyline Parkway just below the Thompson Hill Rest Area. It looks out to the south, across I-35 and to the St. Louis River estuary. In spite of it being in poor condition, the parking area still has a scenic view of Duluth and the St. Louis River.

The roadside parking area and overlook wall

The overlook wall

Thompson Hill-Skyline Parkway Overlook, Oct. 2003
Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Historic Roadside Development Structures Inventory
View toward Duluth Harbor

Winter view of Blatnik Bridge from Thompson Hill