Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Edna G. (NRHP)

The Tugboat Edna G. was built by the Cleveland Ship Building Company.

The Edna G. was added to the National Register June 5, 1975. The "Last coal-fired, steam-powered tugboat to operate on Lake Superior, built in 1896 to guide ore carriers to and from Two Harbors docks." 1

Agate Bay, Two Harbors, MN

1 Minnesota Historical Society

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Red River Trail: Goose Lake Swamp Section (NRHP)

Portion of the historic Red River Ox Cart Trail 1. This section was part of the Pembina or Woods Trail.

This section is located off Pennington County 10, northwest of Red Lake Falls and was added to the National Register February 06, 1991.

Pembina Trail sign at the Goose Lake Swamp Section

The visitor to northwest Minnesota can find many references to the old ox cart trail in Pennington and Marshall counties.

1 Minnesota Historical Society

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whipholt Roadside Parking Area - Sugar Point Battle Historical Marker

Whipholt, MN
Minnesota Highway 200

The Whipholt RPA is on the south shore of Leech Lake about 13 miles east of Walker. The site includes an overlook wall, a pedestal with a historical marker, a boat launch and picnic area.

The parking area
Hwy 200 in background, Leech Lake on right

Stone overlook wall

The overlook wall was started in 1941 by the WPA and completed circa 1951 by MHD. The WPA was ordered to stop after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The existing overlook was simplified from the original plan, on completion the wall was about ⅓ the length of the original plan.

Bronze plaque
Sugar Point Battle
When a federal marshal with about 100 troops of the 3rd Infantry tried to arrest the Chippewa chief Bugonaygeshig at Sugar Point opposite here on the northeast shore of the lake, a sharp fight occurred October 5, 1898. The whites lost 7 killed and 16 wounded and the arrest was never accomplished.
[Seals of the Minnesota Department of Highways and the Minnesota Historical Society]

The plaque was preceded by a 3' x 5' steel sign erected circa 1930 as part of the historic marker program by the Minnesota Highway Department and Minnesota Historical Society. The steel sign had the same text as noted above.

The Cass County Historical Society published a book about the Sugar Point Battle in 2011. See:

Whipholt Roadside Parking Area, Aug. 1997
Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Historic Roadside Development Structures Inventory

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Sherburn, MN (NRHP)

IOOF building, Sherburn, Minnesota.

One of several buildings which comprise the Sherburn Commercial Historic District. The historic district was added to the National Register August 3, 1987 and is described as "Victorian commercial buildings, largely two-story with decorative brickwork, built between 1898 and ca. 1908 in railroad town’s trade and service center.1

East side - Main Street

Goettler Building - Sherburn, MN
West side - Main Street
Sherburn, MN

1 Minnesota Historical Society