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Pillsbury Mine Overlook - Historical Views

Chisholm, MN
US Highway 169/MN Highway 73

The Pillsbury Mine Overlook was featured in Minnesota Highway Department publications. First in the August 1963 edition of Minnesota Highways

Cover - photo of Pillsbury Mine Overlook

Page 2 - cover description
Double barreled benefit will accrue from the relocation of the 7½ miles of T.H. 169 between Hibbing and Chisholm, now about completed: 1. Expansion of the highway from two to four lanes will meet the needs of greatly increased traffic in the area. 2. The realignment of the highway approximately a half-mile east of the old location will carry the highway directly across the Oliver Mining Company's old Pillsbury pit, giving tourists a trunk highway closeup view of an open pit iron mine without getting out of their automobiles.
Practically the entire area adjoining the highway in the cover picture is part of the big pit. The light colored spaces on each side of the highway midway of the picture are roadside parking areas to permit a leisurely view of the mine. The bridge at upper left carries railroad tracks of the Oliver Iron mining company over the highway.
Official opening of the new segment is expected to take place shortly.

Then again in the Minnesota Highways, March 1972 ² edition of Do You Recognize This?

The answer in the April 1972 ³ edition:

The "Do You Recognize This?" photo in our March issue was of TH 169 and 73 between Chisholm and Hibbing. The top of the picture is in the Chisholm direction which is northeasterly. Notice the two parking overlooks to the Pillsbury Mine .

And, the 1964 Official Highway Map⁵ featured a photograph of the overlook on the front cover:

The only highway of its kind in the world...TH 169 as it goes through the
Pillsbury Mine, west of Chisholm, on Minnesota's famed Mesaba Range.

The front cover picture is of the segment of T.H. 169 which goes through the Pillsbury open pit iron mine between Hibbing and Chisholm.⁴

The site in 2013 (Google Earth) - Chisholm at top right of image

Pillsbury Mine ⁵
Iron Range, Minnesota
See Iron Ore Mines and tour Taconite Plants while
vacationing in beautiful Minnesota - Year around vacationland.
Pub. by Gallagher's Studio, Duluth, Minn.

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