Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cut Foot Sioux Ranger Station (NRHP)

Minnesota Highway 46
Chippewa National Forest, Itasca County

The first Ranger Station at Cut Foot Sioux was located on the north shore of Little Cut Foot Sioux Lake, northwest of Deer River. The location was chosen because it was an area that had previously been used by Indians. The one room building was added to the Register August 7, 1974.¹ 

The key to the station and a guided audio tour can be checked out at the Cut Foot Sioux Visitor Center.

The second Ranger Station was a two story building seen here. The third building, circa mid-1930s, remains in use as a bunkhouse for seasonal staff.

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District Ranger Harley Hamm at the Entrance to the First Ranger
Station of the Minnesota National Forest 09/1958
(The National Archives)