Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Duluth Overlook - New Duluth Scenic Overlook

Mn Highway 23
West Duluth / New Duluth

This roadside parking area, built circa 1958, is available to travelers leaving or approaching Gary-New Duluth on Highway 23. The present site has two remnants of the original overlook; poured concrete footings for the original wall and a stone pier at the west end of the wall. The site looks out over the St. Louis River, seen below in these mid-May photographs.

Original concrete footing visible at ground level

Stone pier from original wall

In 1980 large broken boulders of granite were placed along the footing.

The wall was specified on the plans to be 200' long with a curving overlook bay at its midpoint. It was to be 18" thick and 2' tall and built on a concrete footing. The wall was anchored with 26"-square, 28"-tall stone piers at 20' intervals. There was to be a 6'-wide asphalt-paved walkway along the inside of the wall that was lined with a stone curb. Historic photos indicate that the site was actually built with pairs of beams (probably steel) between the piers, rather than the stone superstructure drawn on the plans.¹

¹ Susan Granger, Scott Kelly, and Kay Grossman. (1998, December). Historic Roadside Development Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways. Minnesota Department of Transportation.