Monday, July 7, 2014

Craigie Flour Mill Historical Marker (Historic Roadside Structure and NRHP)

Minnesota Highway 78
Near Otter Tail Lake

This historical marker commemorates Craigie Flour Mill which was Otter Tail County's first flour mill. The mill was built by James Craigie who immigrated from Aberdeen, Scotland. He completed construction of the flour mill in 1870. See marker text below.

The site consists of a stone marker with stone benches on each side. A "tripartite stone pedestal" supports an iron water wheel (about 3' tall and 3' in diameter) and two millstones (about 3'4" in diameter and about 6" thick), all of which were salvaged from the Craigie (or Balmoral) Mill.¹ The marker was builty in 1940 by the National Youth Administration. Balmoral Creek runs nearby.

The marker was added to the National Register of Historic Places January 16, 2003.²

Iron water wheel and bronze plaque

Text of Metal Plaque on Stone Marker
"Craigie Flour Mill. Near this spot James Craigie of Aberdeen, Scotland, who came to Ottertail County about 1868 built the first grist mill in the county in 1870. The mill stones and wheel were imported from Scotland.
"Craigie and his wife were drowned in Ottertail Lake in 1872 and after long litigation the mill was torn down." [Seals of the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Department of Highways]
The tripartite stone pedestal and flanking millstones

This sign was added after the 1997 survey.

Otter Tail Lake is to the left

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