Monday, July 14, 2014

Fond du Lac Culvert (Bridge 5757) (Historic Roadside Structure and NRHP)

Mn Highway 23
Fond du Lac

Bridge 5757 carries Highway 23 over Mission Creek. The bridge was built by A. Bodin and Sons of Minneapolis in 1937 without federal relief money. The bridge, noted as a Historic Roadside Structure, is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places...
Two-span, multi-plate arch bridge with Gothic Revival fieldstone veneer, built in 1937 as part of highway beautification movement. (National Register Property Details : National Register of Historic Places : (n.d.). Retrieved May 21, 2014, from

The rip rap along Mission Creek seen above was "crudely patched" with poured concrete at some point. 
(Susan Granger, Scott Kelly, and Kay Grossman. (1998, December). Historic Roadside Development Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways. Minnesota Department of Transportation.)

The bridge is listed on the Mn/DOT Historic Bridge Inventory (

Portion of 1937 plan