Friday, July 31, 2015

Clifton-French River Historical Marker

This roadside feature is located at a small rest stop on the Expressway between Duluth and Two Harbors. It is a simple historical marker built 1959-1960 by the Youth Conservation Commission (YCC) in cooperation with the Minnesota Highway Department.

Text of Plaque on Marker -  
"Clifton, first townsite surveyed in the United States section of the North Shore, was platted west of the mouth of the French River in 1855. The river was known to early explorers as Riviere de Francais. Rumors of nearby copper deposits resulted in widespread prospecting and townsite planning in the 1850s. Like many of the projected towns, Clifton never developed. From 1864 to 1866, the French River Mining Company and the North Shore Mining Company dug several exploratory shafts, but failed to locate profitable copper deposits. Extensive lumbering operations were carried on here in the 1880s. Erected by the St. Louis County Historical Society in cooperation with the Minnesota Highway Department - 1959." 
[Seals of the Minnesota Department of Highways and the Minnesota Historical Society]