Sunday, August 2, 2020

Historic Bridges of Marshall County, 2 of 2. the Grafton Bridge

The Minnesota-North Dakota frontier: 48.4134233 -97.1376534.
Bridge 5872 (Mn), 0017-140.372 (ND) carries Hwy 17 in North Dakota and Minnesota Highway 317 over the Red River. Built in 1939 it is a two-span Parker through truss. [For the purist]: "The Parker truss is essentially a Pratt truss with a polygonal top chord and uses fewer materials than the Pratt design." 

The bridge is significant "as an important gateway between the two states, largely for agricultural purposes, and early representative of its type and method of construction in North Dakota."
Grafton Bridge (Bridge 5872) Accessed 2 Aug. 2020.

Bridge 5872 from North Dakota

MnDOT eDOCS Public Web

Bridge 5872 from North Dakota

5872 is owned by the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

Historic Bridges of Marshall County, 1 of 2, the Oslo Bridge

Oslo, Minnesota.

Bridge 9100 from North Dakota

BRIDGE 9100 (2014)-1483766-v1.PDF
MnDOT eDOCS Public Web

Phase I Architecture/History Survey and Phase II Evaluationfor Trunk Highway 1/Trunk Highway 54 Oslo, Marshall County, Minnesota Walshville Township, Walsh County, North Dakota

Bridge 9100 from Minnesota

Bridge 9100 carries Minnesota Highway 1/North Dakota Highway 54 over the Red River and is owned by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The routes change designation at the mid-point of the river crossing. The bridge was built in 1959.

Bridge 9100 is significant for its truss design and is considered eligible for the National Register of Historic Places in North Dakota but considered not eligible in Minnesota because of different contexts for historic bridges in the two states.
Olso Bridge (Bridge 9100). Accessed 2 Aug. 2020. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Cross River Rest Area - Historical Views

Highway 61

Cross River, North Shore Drive 
Between Two Harbors and Grand Marais,
Near Duluth, Minn. ¹
Pub. by Arrowhead Trading Post, Duluth, Minn.
(Probably circa 1931)

Bridge 5087 is one of the original features of the Cross River Rest Area. Built 1931 by A. Guthrie and Co. of St. Paul. The bridge plate reads: "Minnesota Highway Department Bridge No. 5087 1931."

Some features of the site may have been built by the CCC.
Bridge 5087 is concrete arch bridge, with a single 50' span, which carries T.H. 61 over the Cross River. The 53'-long bridge originally had metal lattice railings but was otherwise relatively unornamented. It was designed to allow pedestrians to look over the Cross River's falls via two viewing platforms that were constructed at a lower elevation than the T.H. 61 roadway. The platforms were accessed via four sets of poured concrete steps with pipe railings. Stone veneer was added to the viewing platforms, steps, and walkways in circa 1936. - Historic Roadside Development Structures on Minnesota Trunk Highways
The bridge was modified in 1933 and 1991. Walkways and a rock stairway, both with rails, were added as part of the 1933 changes. The lattice railing appears to have replaced as part of the 1933 work.

Cross River Falls, at 
Schroeder, Minn., On the Scenic
North Shore Drive 
(Probably circa post-1933)

Vicinity map

1931 Bridge Plans




¹ Personal collection

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Itasca County - Bridge 7423 - Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge

Itasca County

Bridge 7423 once carried Itasca County 421 over the Swan River but was closed in 2005. The road now terminates before the bridge from either direction. The bridge is located around 5 driving miles north of Warba and 11 driving miles east of Grand Rapids.
The bridge was originally called Itasca County Bridge 1901 and dates to around 1917.

Bridge 7423 from the north. County 421 ends several yards north (behind the camera view).
The bridge apparently receives recreation traffic.
County 446 seen in the distance at the south barricade.

Bridge 7423 - Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge.
Vicinity map

"The bridge is significant as an excellent example of the patented Marsh Rainbow Arch design and for its association with important bridge designer James Barney Marsh. Design and construction of the patented Marsh Rainbow Arch with Classical Revival architectural details, including the railing with recessed panel and open balustrade." 1
Morning arrival at the site had the light on the east, which is the more accessible side of the bridge.

East elevation

From northeast
From southeast
From northeast
From southwest

The Historic Inventory Form  (PDF)  has detailed information about the bridge history and designer, noted bridge engineer James Barney Marsh. The bridge is owned by Itasca County.

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